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John Mayer to hit Fiserv Forum on Aug. 6

Published Jan. 28, 2019

Joining the warm weather when summer allegedly arrives will be John Mayer, performing at Fiserv Forum on Tuesday, Aug. 6, the soul pop crooner's first gig in Milwaukee since heading Summerfest in 2013.


Mayer's comeback worth the wait

Published July 7, 2013

Ending a three-year hiatus from touring, John Mayer was truly having fun at the Marcus Amphitheater tonight, and it was clear that this was a performer who seemed to be remarkably at peace with his life, his art, his fans and himself.


Transformed Mayer adds Bradley Center gig on March 1

Published Nov. 5, 2009

Is it my imagination or is John Mayer looking more and more like an update of the circa-1986 Charlie Sexton these days? Mayer comes to the Bradley Center for a show on Monday, March 1 as part of the tour in support of his new disc, "Battle Studies," due out later this month.


Multi-talented Mayer delivers a crowd pleaser

Published July 3, 2008

During his gig at the Marcus Amphitheater last night, John Mayer showed his audience multiple aspects of his personality and talent, from down-to-earth acoustic pop musician to enviably gifted blues guitarist to full-on rocker.


Contract riders make bands feel at home backstage

Published June 27, 2007

When it comes to backstage accommodations, life often imitates art. Remember when Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel complained about the deli tray? What will bands be demanding in their contract riders at Summerfest, 2007?


Rouse finds inspiration in Spain

Published April 12, 2007

Born in Nebraska, singer/songwriter Josh Rouse has gotten around. On April 15, his travels land him at The Pabst Theater and we talked to him about his latest record, "She's Spanish, I'm American," and more.


OMC Recommends: Stuff we like right now

Published Nov. 16, 2006

From the Bebop genius of sax hero Sonny Stitt (pictured), to online secrets and honey mustard pretzels, these are a few of the things we're talking about at this week.