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Marquette dining guide

Published Oct. 12, 2018

Sick of dorm food? Soxedo giving you stomach aches again? Need a nice place to go for Parents' Weekend? Well, you're in luck because you found this Marquette-area dining guide. Dive in and eat up!


New pizzeria looks as if it's on the way to Bay View

Published Feb. 28, 2018

It appears there is more pizza coming to Bay View. And it looks as if it's coming to the 2,100-square foot space at 2242 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., which was formerly home to Jimmy John's.


Kid Rock docks in Milwaukee

Published Aug. 3, 2016

After being spotted yesterday floating around the shores of Mackinac Island on a 198-foot yacht - reportedly appraised at $100 million - Robert "Kid Rock" James Ritchie apparently docked in Milwaukee later that same day.


Is all publicity good publicity?

Published May 20, 2016

That's the old adage, anyway. But when a local story becomes a national story (think Hobby Lobby), the ramifications aren't always good for business.

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