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34 years later, The Frogs' debut LP is being released

Published Jan. 22, 2020

Jimmy Flemion of Milwaukee band The Frogs - which he formed with his late brother Dennis in the 1980s - has announced that the band's long-unreleased debut LP is now coming out on April 3.


The Frogs' breakout 1989 LP gets a 30th anniversary reissue

Published Aug. 1, 2019

Seven years after the untimely death of co-founder Dennis Flemion, The End of All Music is reissuing "It's Only Right and Natural," the most well-known release by Milwaukee's The Frogs in celebration of its 30th anniversary.


The Frogs' Dennis Flemion dies

Published July 10, 2012

Dennis Flemion will be missed but he will be remembered among local musicians as a friend and as an innovator on the local scene.

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