Jim haertel


Milwaukee remembers JFK assassination

Published Nov. 22, 2013

Steve Jagler asks some Milwaukee notables about their memories of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago today in Dallas.


Urban spelunking: District 2/The Jefferson School

Published Feb. 8, 2013

So much of why we love a bar is because of its location, its atmosphere, its history. That being the case, Best Place - located in the former Pabst Brewery - just might be my new favorite bar.


Best Place provides fascinating, funny historic brewery tour

Published Jan. 16, 2013

Anyone who likes to laugh, drink beer and learn about Milwaukee history will love the Best Place Beer History Tour. Jim Haertel, co-owner of the former Pabst Brewery site since 2001, gives the majority of the 10 tours offered every week.


Pabst and present: Tapping into the history of Pabst Brewing Company

Published Feb. 26, 2011

In its 167-year history, the brewery that would become Pabst Brewing Company has contributed more than just the iconic blue ribbon and Tall Boys to society, having had their hand in everything from the creation of Miller to aspects of Milwaukee still seen today.


Best Place offers a drink of Pabst history

Published Aug. 31, 2009

Best Place, originally the hospitality area for the Pabst Brewing Company, houses a gift shop, corporate offices, Blue Ribbon Hall, a courtyard and a tour center, all of which will open to the public on Sunday, Oct. 4.