Jesus painting stolen from Maria's Pizza

Published Aug. 24, 2018

Someone stole a painting from Maria's Pizza, 5025 W. Forest Home Ave., and the family desperately wants it back. OnMilwaukee is offering a reward for its return.


Li'l Friar shines in the shadow of the Basilica

Published Aug. 17, 2011

The Li'l Friar Basilica Gift Shop, 622 W. Lincoln Ave., is a storefront that sits directly in the shadow of St. Josaphat Basilica. However, the store, which opened in 2000, is owned by the Franciscan Order and not the Basilica.


Chips shaped like people and things

Published Nov. 8, 2010

Lately, I have become one of these wack-a-doos tapped into the world of chip imagery. In the past couple of weeks, I discovered a blue corn chip in the shape of a bat (just days before Halloween, mind you) and last night at Conejito's, I found a tortilla chip in the spitting image of an arrow.


The mediocre candy cane

Published Nov. 23, 2007

People complain about holiday foods like egg nog and fruitcake, but what about candy canes? Does anyone really love the candy cane?


Stemper's fills the sacred niche of church supplies

Published April 4, 2004

Peter Stemper admits his family's business is the kind that no one thinks about owning and operating. Afterall, who questions where communion wafers come from? Stemper's in Bay View, of course!