Jeremy irons


Truth and fiction bring "The Words" to life

Published Sept. 8, 2012

I hate when movie trailers try to build their films into something they're not. In the case of "The Words," however, I was pleasantly surprised to find a rich and articulate story under the "thriller" guise its trailers had put on.


"Eragon" doesn't live up to fantasy flicks

Published Dec. 15, 2006

And the fanboys cheered as the movie about a dragon rider and his dragon flies into theaters today. But those cheers will be cut off by feelings of disappointment and the idea that a fandom is being ruined.


"Merchant of Venice" doesn't evade work's anti-Semitism

Published Feb. 11, 2005

Well-scripted and engaging, this romantic film deserves points not only for going head to head with the work's anti-Semitism but for doing so in a way that will make clear to viewers the despicable nature of hate.