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Kandinsky retrospective inspires abstract delights at Café Calatrava

Published June 6, 2014

There are two approaches to writing a menu that corresponds to an art exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum: creating food that looks like the art, or reflecting the historical context of the art within the food. According to Micah Kaufman, executive chef at Café Calatrava, the menu for the new MAM exhibit, "Kandinsky: A Retrospective," is some of both.


"Uncommon Folk" sparks creative comfort fare at Café Calatrava

Published Jan. 31, 2014

The new "Uncommon Folk" exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum is stunning. Equally impressive, however, is the menu at the museum's Café Calatrava, which was created to provide a cohesive artistic experience through sustenance.


Sous me: A chat with Café Calatrava's Jamie Nelson

Published Sept. 6, 2013

Jamie Nelson is one of the worker bees in the kitchen at Cafe Calatrava. She's a slight, spritely sort with a quiet disposition and an unassuming manner. But, Nelson isn't exactly what she seems; in fact, in the kitchen, she's developing skills that one day will make her a force to be reckoned with.


Cafe Calatrava menus add spice to the shows upstairs

Published Aug. 13, 2013

At some restaurants, the menu almost never changes. At others, the dishes on offer get a seasonal overhaul. At Milwaukee Art Museum's Cafe Calatrava, the menu changes multiple times a year as the kitchen staff works to create a culinary experience that's in step with the latest exhibition on view upstairs. Right now, that show is "30 Americans," and for the past four months, the chef de cuisine has been Micah Kaufman.