Jackie lee woods


Donut Monster ups the ante on doughnuts (and breakfast sandwiches)

Published April 26, 2019

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a truly delicious doughnut. Its dough is buoyant and buttery with a subtle, satisfying chew. Its icing is smooth and sweet, but not cloying. It's indulgent; but at the same time balanced and restrained. That's the sort of doughnut you can expect from Donut Monster.


Sous chefs: The unsung kitchen heroes

Published April 26, 2013

Despite the acclaim heaped upon their mentors, we very seldom hear from the unsung heroes of the restaurant kitchen. Sous chefs aren't lauded with awards. Or mentioned in most restaurant reviews. They seldom get credit for dishes they've created that make it onto a restaurant menu. And - in most cases - there are few restaurant patrons who even know their names. In fact, I'd venture a guess that most people, unless they've worked in the service industry, don't have a very clear understanding of what a sous chef (French for "under chef") really does.