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School of Rock crashing into Shorewood

Published Aug. 28, 2013

School Of Rock will open Saturday, Oct. 12 at 4050 N. Oakland Ave. in Shorewood. The franchise, owned by "Rock" Marasco will provide lessons for young people ages 8-18 and the opportunity to perform concerts in public.


Merry Christmas - You're Damn Right!

Published Dec. 25, 2012

If you lived in the state of Wisconsin in 2012, and listened to the radio or watched TV, you know who said, "You're Damn Right!" Now, "You're Damn Right!" is the name of the first limited run CD produced by Kramp and Adler and available for purchase at Exclusive Company stores.


"Monsieur Lazhar" and "Bernie" cure blockbuster blues

Published June 2, 2012

Even when the big budget Hollywood spectacles temper my love of cinema, however, I always remind myself that there are always good movies out. You just need to look for them. Luckily, there are two excellent films, "Monsieur Lazhar" and "Bernie," that are hiding in plain sight at the Oriental Theater.


Shift Switch: Used record shop clerk

Published April 16, 2011

In honor of the fourth annual Record Store Day on Saturday, April 16, 2011, we dig into the archives to salute indie record stores with this article. Spending an afternoon at Bull's Eye Records, working alongside owner Luke Lavin as a clerk, I'd come full circle back to my first job ... in a record store. And, no, its nothing like "High Fidelity."


Metcalf's DVD Screening Room: Aug. 1, 2009

Published Aug. 1, 2009

In this edition of the Screening Room, OnMilwaukee.com movie expert Mark Metcalf weighs in on the Ben Stiller-directed comedy "Tropic Thunder," which features a brilliant performance by Tom Cruise (pictured) and the HBO series "Rome," which captures a good deal of the culture and the custom of Rome but creates suspicion that it is fabricated to make the show more appealing rather than actually researched and historically accurate.


My $19 stick of antiperspirant

Published Oct. 12, 2007

The other day, I bought a $19 stick of antiperspirant. Believe me, it's even harder for me to admit this than it is for you to read it.


Tenacious D movie reigns supreme, mostly, finally

Published Nov. 22, 2006

While Jack Black spent the last five years making crappy movies, the wave of momentum built up from release of the debut album from Tenacious D all but died out. So for fans of the D, "The Pick of Destiny" arrives with great anticipation and surprise that it actually got made.


“Nacho Libre” reveals a constrained Jack Black

Published June 16, 2006

If anyone -- writer, director, actor -- can be said to be an auteur as long as they leave a distinctive signature on all their films, then writer/director Jared Hess has emerged as Hollywood’s newest auteur with “Nacho Libre,” only his second film in wide release.


Tenacious D came to rock

Published April 15, 2002

Tenacious D gave its loyal followers what they were looking for Saturday. In a set that lasted more than two hours, they rocked the sold out Eagles Ballroom. They rocked it hard.


Even half of Tenacious D can't save "Orange County"

Published Jan. 14, 2002

With a stellar cast that includes Jack Black, Kevin Kline and Chevy Chase, "Orange County" is at best a major letdown. With plenty of stale gross-out jokes and teen movie cliches, it's a waste of everyone's talents.