Whiskey Bar hosts benefit for MPD officer

Published Oct. 28, 2014

Air Force veteran and Milwaukee Police officer Chris Blazak is battling stage four cancer, and he and his family could use your help. A fundraiser has been planned for Nov. 9 at Whiskey Bar.


One final Bush blog

Published Jan. 13, 2009

I realize that many readers will dismiss the following blog after this statement, but I'm going to make it, anyway: President George W. Bush might very well be remembered as the worst president in the history of the United States.


Milwaukee author delves deeply in first novel

Published Jan. 19, 2008

You'd think Phil Nero would pick a subject for his first novel that's relatively safe; easy to digest -- and more importantly, easy to get published. But considering the Milwaukee journalist has been working on his rookie project since the early '90s, he made the decision to go big or go home.


Our heroes deserve an honest debate about the Iraq war

Published March 1, 2007

For far too long, too many good people have been biting their tongues, unwilling to speak out about how they really feel about President George W. Bush and his war in Iraq. As business people, for too long, we’ve dodged the issue of this war when conversing at the copy machine.


34 American heroes

Published Oct. 4, 2006

Thirty-four senators (32 Democrats, one Republican, and one Independent) opposed Bush's detainee bill. Those 34 senators are true American heroes, defending us against a president who just doesn't believe our Constitution or our laws apply to his own behavior.


"My Country, My Country" documents real life in Iraq

Published Sept. 23, 2006

The American public watched as Iraq began moving towards its January 2005 elections through news programs and footage shot without a real human perspective. This was the media reporting the news and nothing more.


Activist unfazed by small penalty for protest

Published Aug. 25, 2006

An area man who has actively opposed the Iraq conflict and was found guilty recently of a violation of a lawful order in his protest outside the Pentagon discovered it doesn't cost too many bucks to buck the system.


Wright's final design blends desert form, function

Published April 18, 2006

Wisconsin's most renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed buildings all over the world. But the last project Wright designed before he died in 1959 probably wouldn't be standing today if it was built in its intended location -- as an opera house in Baghdad, Iraq.


Opinion: GOP troubles could boost state Dems in '06

Published Nov. 15, 2005

It's understandable why Wisconsin Democrats might allow themselves a little optimism these days about their chances at the 2006 ballot box. What's in store for politicos who had to run on -- or anywhere near -- George Bush's accomplishments?


"Occupation: Dreamland" gives a human voice to the war in Iraq

Published Sept. 9, 2005

Garrett Scott and Ian Old's wartime documentary, "Occupation: Dreamland," follows the day-to-day activities of eight members of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division on patrol in the "city of mosques" in December 2004, just before the city exploded into violence and was essentially destroyed.


"Operation Iraqi Children" transports school supplies overseas

Published Aug. 30, 2005

From now until September 25th, ComedySportz is accepting donations for "Operation Iraqi Children," a charity founded by actor Gary Sinise and author Laura Hillenbrand to help soldiers bring school supplies to the children of Iraq.


Movie program aims to bring smiles to soldiers

Published Aug. 5, 2005

In less than a year, Bernie and Kathy Hintzke have reached more than 5,000 soldiers with their project, Operation: Take a Soldier to the Movies. A movie package is sent to each soldier in the military units in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones that have requested to take part in the program.


Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" will make your blood boil

Published June 25, 2004

Conservative, liberal or lefty; it's hard to imagine that anyone -- barring rich businessmen and the moneyed Saudis hanging out at the Texas ranch -- could see this film and not be really, really teed off.