Indy 500


Race to Indy for fab food, urban trails and a run-in with a yeti

Published April 9, 2014

Senior writer Molly Snyder had never been to Indianapolis before, so she really wasn't sure what she'd find, but after a long weekend and a lot of investigating, she came home eager to share what she discovered with Milwaukeeans who might want to take Indy for a spin.


Sunday Scorecard: College athletes don't need to be paid

Published June 5, 2011

The mess at Ohio State University, which lead to head coach Jim Tressel's "resignation," has again brought the argument of whether or not college athletes should be paid to the forefront. The answer could not be any more simple: no. No way. Not one cent. These "amateurs," these "students" ... they get plenty as it is.


Passion for racing keeps photographer in focus

Published May 31, 2007

For 56 years, Russ Lake has been a fixture on the Wisconsin racing scene and the 71-year-old grandfather shows no signs of slowing down. He'll spend this weekend at the Milwaukee Mile, where he is the official track photographer.