Indoor playground


The Big Backyard brings kid fun indoors

Published Nov. 16, 2013

In a climate like ours - freezing half the year and insanely hot in the depths of summer - parents get to know the indoor play options pretty well. There are tumbling places and big, open rooms full of inflatables. Then, there's The Big Backyard, 2857 S. 160th St., in New Berlin, which celebrated its fifth anniversary last month. In the L-shaped space, there's a wide variety of things for kids of all ages to do.


Indoor playgrounds and inflatables facilities guide

Published Nov. 11, 2013

It's the time of year when the stir crazies can swiftly set in for kids and parents alike. Therefore, indoor playgrounds and inflatable facilities are more popular than ever. Here's a list of places in metro Milwaukee. Stay sane, parents.


Indoor playground in the works for Bay View

Published Jan. 21, 2013

Although there are indoor playgrounds in the area, none of them are in Milwaukee. Bay View's Shannon Knapp hopes to change this very soon with a natural, bouncy-house-free indoor playground called Up, Up and Play.


Parents' sound-off: Monkey Joe's or Pump It Up?

Published Aug. 24, 2009

In 2008, Metro Milwaukee welcomed two bouncy house franchises: Monkey Joe's, 2040 W. Bluemound Rd., in Waukesha, and Pump It Up, 195 N. Janacek Rd., in Brookfield. In your opinion, which facility is better?


Monkey Joe's bounces into Waukesha

Published Oct. 27, 2008

Wisconsin is a state with long winters, but until recently, indoor play options for children have been few and far between. A few years ago, Pump It Up opened in Brookfield and, last month, a Monkey Joe's franchise popped up in Waukesha.


Pump It Up brings bouncy fun to Brookfield

Published July 13, 2006

At some point, inflatable play equipment moved from the church festival to the suburbs, and franchises like Pump It Up started popping up all over the country, including very recently in Brookfield at 195 N. Janacek Rd.