Hurricane katrina


The fight rages on for digital music rights

Published Aug. 20, 2015

There's plenty right with the music made before 1972, but there's a lot wrong with the rights of music from that time, as multiple court cases involving music rights have become news.


"Death Blues" shows there's no time like the present

Published Nov. 15, 2012

Musician Jon Mueller is bringing "Death Blues (no time like the present)," a multi-sensory meditation on life, death and the importance of the present moment, to Alverno's Pitman Theatre for two exclusive shows this weekend.


"Hurricane Story" documents close escape from Katrina

Published Aug. 23, 2011

"Hurricane Story" is a small hardcover about the size of a 45 rpm and it sings a unique visual song about one family's Katrina experience. In 46 photographic tableux with captions, Milwaukee's Jennifer Shaw, who now lives in New Orleans, explains the just-in-the-nick-of-time escape she and her husband made from the city the day before the hurricane hit.


OnMedia: Shepard Smith and Katrina

Published Aug. 25, 2010

Hurricane Katrina was a key event in the career of Fox News anchor Shepard Smith... You can tweet your way into the Emmy Awards telecast... Channel 12 is giving up an hour of prime-time Wednesday for a gubernatorial debate.


Predicting the biggest events of this decade

Published Dec. 1, 2009

We're 31 days away from 2010 and in the coming weeks, news magazines will begin to debate what events dominated and shaped the first decade of the 21st century. These would be my predictions, for the most influential national events and Milwaukee stories in the last decade. And to add debate to controversy, I've ranked them from the most important on down.


Milwaukeeans help revive NOLA with Historic Green

Published March 4, 2009

On March 10 three Milwaukee designers will join hundreds of young professionals and students from across the country in an effort to help restore, rebuild and revive New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward.


One final Bush blog

Published Jan. 13, 2009

I realize that many readers will dismiss the following blog after this statement, but I'm going to make it, anyway: President George W. Bush might very well be remembered as the worst president in the history of the United States.


"Trouble the Water" takes you deep into Katrina

Published Nov. 5, 2008

A man standing in a hurricane-ravaged street in New Orleans talks to two soldiers. He thanks them for having helped remove the decomposing body of a relative killed by the storm. "I pray you don't have to go back to Iraq. It's not our war," says Scott Roberts. "This is the war right here." This is one of the many striking moments in the acclaimed documentary "Trouble the Water," which screens Wednesday at UWM's Union Theatre.


Swanson's fast action leads to hurricane benefit CD

Published Dec. 12, 2005

Whenever there's a tragedy, there's a good-hearted musician ready to lend a hand. Most are not usually as speedy and organized as Eric Swanson, who has just released "Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Relief from Musicians Around the Globe," which benefits Hurricane Katrina victims via the American Red Cross.