What are Milwaukee's "hottest" restaurants?

Published June 19, 2012

Interpreting "hottest" to mean "most recently opened and still generating good buzz" I came up the following list of Milwaukee's current "hottest" restaurants.


Sound-off: Are Milwaukeeans hot in general?

Published Nov. 16, 2008

This week, posted a controversial list called "The 100 hottest Milwaukeeans (that you've heard of)." The list received kudos and complaints, but all in all, it was a lot of fun and it got people talking. The list, however, raised another question. Do you think, on average, Milwaukee is a city stocked with attractive people?


The 100 hottest Milwaukeeans (that you've heard of), part one

Published Nov. 11, 2008

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but hot is not. Whether it's classic good looks, a pretty face, a rockin' body or just a hot personality, Milwaukee is no slouch when it comes to sex appeal. So turn down the lights, put on some romantic music and read on, Milwaukee.


Begel: what's hot and what's not in sports

Published May 6, 2006

There's a lot of stuff to like about sports: the competition, gambling, rooting, underdogs, television, home teams. But one of the best things about sports is how cool it can be. With that thought in mind, and always looking for more suggestions, here some of the coolest, and not so cool, sports things.