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Unexpected eats: The hot dog stand inside Home Depot

Published Feb. 19, 2019

Ever get a craving for a hot dog while you're out running errands? Maybe you're picking up salt for the driveway or buying a gallon or two of paint for that new rec room? Well, a good number of people apparently do.


Hardware stores with heart

Published Jan. 20, 2012

I've got my favorite local stores and I'm pretty loyal to them for a number of reasons.


Ald. Davis responds to Lowe's closing at Midtown Center

Published Sept. 21, 2009

Lowe's at Midtown Center in Milwaukee has closed. The store, located near 60th St. and Fond du Lac Ave., employed 107 people. Alderman Joe Davis, Sr., who represents the area has released a statement.


The most expensive leaky faucet

Published Oct. 6, 2008

After months of staring at my leaky shower faucet, I mistakenly took matters into my own hands last week and attempted to fix the problem. More than $350 and a dozen hours later, the problem is mostly solved.

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Basement Bloodshed

Saturday August 27th, 2011 - Fox Lake, IL   Now I did it. I was trying to fix of all things a broken piece of string and ended up with two bleeding fingers. That’s unpleasant enough, but it’s one on each hand. That will be a bigger hassle than it needs to be, but it’s ...

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