Holiday parties


"Tall timber tents" for rent in Hubbard Park

Published Dec. 17, 2019

Two "tall timber tents" have been temporarily erected in Shorewood's Hubbard Park and will be available for people to rent starting the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 18.


Campsite 131 hosts pop-up "Santa Camp" bar

Published Nov. 7, 2019

Campsite 131 - created by the owners of Camp Bar - will soon transform into "Santa Camp," a holiday-licious, winter wonderland-y, Santa-themed bar.


Drinking responsibly with the right alcohol-calorie mix

Published Nov. 22, 2016

It's that festive time of the year. Christmas and holiday parties seemingly every night. I love it. But, it's tough not to eat and drink more than usual. This list helps you get a better focus on which drinks contain the highest alcohol-to-calorie ratio.


Holiday etiquette: Everything you need to know

Published Dec. 12, 2012

The holidays can be a landmine of awkward social situations. How do you stay poised amid a flurry of parties, gift-giving and indelicate relatives? Milwaukee-area etiquette expert and author Margery Sinclair has the answers.


When is the party?

Published Dec. 9, 2007

We need your help compiling a list of holiday parties at area bars.