High life


Over a Beer: A chat with Katie Leinenkugel of Leinenkugel's

Published Oct. 3, 2019

In this new episode of "Over a Beer," Katie Leinenkugel talks with OnMilwaukee's Matt Mueller about growing up a Leinenkugel, selling beer in these increasingly seltzer-obsessed times and - most importantly - her love of "The Bachelor."


Over a Beer: A chat with Fiserv Forum's Gracie Pugliese

Published Sept. 17, 2019

The Fiserv Forum director of arena marketing sat down with Matt Mueller to discuss her new job, her new hometown, being a woman in the sports industry and much more in this new episode of Over a Beer, presented by Miller Brewing Company.


Hidden Gem: My Office

Published May 5, 2017

Over the last 15 years, as the city around it has changed, My Office has mostly stayed the same, hiding in plain sight in the heart of Downtown, a gem to its loyal regulars and a pleasant surprise to those who step in to the dive bar and restaurant for the first time.


Take the Milwaukee challenge: Miller vs. Budweiser

Published Feb. 23, 2010

We all live in Milwaukee -- a city drenched in Miller -- so why wouldn't we have a taste for it? And maybe because we've had it on so many occasions, it makes perfect sense that we prefer Miller beers to those of to its biggest competitor, Budweiser. But we had to be sure. So, we put ourselves -- and Miller and Bud brews -- to the test.


10 cheap but tasty Wisconsin beers

Published March 23, 2009

In these tough economic times, people are cutting back left and right, looking for areas to scrimp and save. Fortunately, our own state produces a number of good, value-driven beers. And even if the "champagne of beers" is no Dom Perignon, it'll get the job done at a tasty price.


Miller celebrates 100 years of living the High Life

Published Jan. 14, 2004

As old as the airplane, the World Series and Ford Motor Company, Miller High Life has weathered countless competitors, Prohibition, and the onslaught of light, dry and ice beers to reach its 100th birthday.