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Hidden Gem: Landmark 1850

Published Jan. 11, 2019

Landmark 1850, 5905 S. Howell Ave., was built more than 165 years ago to serve as a stage coach stop between Milwaukee and Racine. Today, it's fully renovated and right next to the airport.


A guide to Milwaukee's hidden gems

Published Jan. 4, 2019

With so many places to choose from, it's easy for some locales - even truly classic Cream City clubs - to fall between the cracks or hide in plain sight. So here are just a few of those hidden gems that you should discover for your next drink.


Hidden Gem: The Standard

Published Dec. 28, 2018

The Standard is one of a long line of taverns that have occupied its building since it was erected in 1888. Owner Steve Gilbertson celebrates that tradition.


Hidden Gem: Sam's Tap

Published Dec. 14, 2018

When it comes to many Milwaukee's bars, just the names themselves have lives and stories all of their own. Sam's Tap is not one of those bars. But when you've got a neighborhood behind it, you don't need much else behind the name.


Hidden Gem: Beer Snobs Ale & Eats in Hartland

Published Nov. 16, 2018

Located just off the main drag in Hartland, Beer Snobs Ale & Eats isn't exactly a tough place to find. But it's a true gem for Lake Country beer lovers looking for a place to sample something new.

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