Hi hat lounge


Bartender Games: Thunder Chickens

Published Feb. 19, 2015

The Thunder Chickens aim to be truly, well, thunderous for the Bartender Games on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.


Karaoke bar guide

Published June 2, 2014

Some use it to practice singing in front of an audience. Some use it to embarrass their drunk friends. Whatever the reason, singing -- or watching someone sing -- karaoke can be quite entertaining, and now we've got a guide to some of the best karaoke bars in Milwaukee.


Milwaukee's best lounge, 2014

Published Feb. 20, 2014

Bryant's has had a mighty fine past 365 days. Esquire (the television network) dropped by for a brandy Old Fashioned on its special "Best Bars in America," then Esquire (the magazine) named the cocktail lounge as one of the best bars in the country. And now OnMilwaukee.com readers have named the hot spot the city's best lounge for the fifth straight year.


Raise a glass with the 12 Drinks of Christmas

Published Nov. 21, 2011

Starting Nov. 23 and continuing through New Year's Eve, select bars will mix up a signature holiday-themed Diageo drink in support of 12 Drinks of Christmas, a holiday fundraiser to benefit Hunger Task Force.


Goldilocks and the Three Bars: Shaken, Not Stirred

Published Oct. 1, 2011

What if, instead of being a cute little fairy tale girl with no respect for property, Goldilocks had some sense and happened to be just a little bit of a lush? Well, that'd be me. I've decided to explore every bar, pub, lounge and dive Milwaukee has to offer - in sets of three, just to be cute.


Milwaukee's best martinis, 2009: Hi-Hat Lounge

Published Feb. 14, 2009

Tradition says a classic martini is a cocktail made with gin and dry vermouth. Inviting vodka to the party has, more recently, opened the floodgates and significantly blurred the lines of martini qualifications. Most of what you see today is just a frou-frou drink in a martini glass. But, regardless of your flavor preference, a good drink is a good drink, and the readers of OnMilwaukee.com know one when they have one. That's why it's no surprise they chose the Hi-Hat Lounge as purveyor of the city's best martinis.


The Hi-Hat Lounge gets a new Garage

Published May 20, 2008

It's been seven years since the Hi-Hat's Garage opened at 1709 N. Arlington Pl. Though it's become a Brady Street favorite, an update was overdue. Co-owner Scott Johnson tells us all about the newly renovated Hi-Hat Garage.


Best lounge, 2007: Hi Hat Lounge

Published Nov. 8, 2007

When it comes to lounging around, Milwaukeeans have many options. The vibe at Hi Hat Lounge, which is trendy and laid-back, made it a clear winner with readers.


Featured Bartender: Evan Barnes

Published Feb. 13, 2007

If you live and drink in Milwaukee and have never been handed a Jack and Coke, a gin and tonic -- at the very least a bottle of Pabst -- by Evan Barnes, you just haven't been out enough.


OnMilwaukee.com's favorite drinking spots

Published Feb. 12, 2007

Since most of the folks at OnMilwaukee.com have enjoyed Brew City's night life for a long time, they're happy to divulge their favorite watering holes.