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The best of the 2019 Milwaukee theater scene

Published Dec. 20, 2019

'Tis the season for making lists - and for me, looking back with enormous gratitude at the live performances I've been lucky enough to attend over the past year. Here are the moments that had the most impact on me, that I will treasure as we move into a new decade.


Hot take incoming: "Hamilton" is really, really, ridiculously good

Published Oct. 24, 2019

A word of caution for those venturing out to finally get their eyes on "Hamilton," making its long-awaited debut in Milwaukee at the Marcus Center: If you felt like you were missing out on the show before, the FOMO will somehow only get worse after you actually see the show.


A conversation with Aaron Burr from "Hamilton"

Published Oct. 22, 2019

"Hamilton" has finally arrived in Milwaukee - and the only thing more stressful and intense than trying to get tickets for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning musical masterpiece is probably actually performing in "Hamilton." Just ask actor Nik Walker.


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Primaries and Polarization

"..eliminating closed state primaries, which enable ideological activists to dominate elections.."  Former Rep.  Lee Hamilton (D, Indiana)  (1)A closed primary is limited to voters who register as either a Democrat or Republican, although they can switch parties from one ...

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