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Hidden Gem: Halliday's

Published Sept. 14, 2018

If you blinked in the past few years, you missed a change on Brady Street or the East Side - and considering the average person blinks around 10,512,000 times in a year, that's a lot of change. But one place hasn't: Halliday's.


Brady Street bar guide

Published March 6, 2018

Join us as we take a stroll along Brady Street, paying particular attention to all of its wonderful watering holes.


On the town in Milwaukee: Planning for St. Patty's

Published March 12, 2010

Whether you're looking for a cozy snug, traditional Irish stew, live Irish ballad or a green beer at 6 a.m., Milwaukee's got you covered. Take a liking to an authentic Irish pub or find a spot with great "Irish" deals just for the day.


Bartenders dispense powerful over-the-counter makeout medicine

Published Feb. 14, 2007

Alcohol is a social lubricant, but it can help kindle a romance or two, as well. This Valentine's Day, we asked Milwaukee bartenders if the choice of drink has any impact on a potential love connection? Also, the scientific formula for "beer goggles."


Creative bar bathroom graffiti straddles art, potty humor

Published Jan. 8, 2007

Have you ever walked into a restroom and found yourself spending more time reading the graffiti on the walls than going to the bathroom? Not the old "Call 555-1212 for a good time" stuff. Rather the "Jesus saves, but Esposito scores" type of comedic gold.

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