Gene mueller


LISTEN: Talking Brewers, Bucks & long baseball games with AM 620's Gene Mueller

Published April 4, 2017

In Ep. 24 of The Postgame Tailgate, Jimmy Carlton and Matt Mueller are joined by a special guest, 620-WTMJ's Gene Mueller, Matt's dad and an avid Milwaukee sports fan. They discuss Opening Day at Miller Park, the 2017 Brewers, baseball's game-length problem, the Bucks' home stretch and NBA playoffs.


WKTI is back, with a new twang

Published June 5, 2015

Maybe it was the time spent in Knoxville that gave WKTI its southern drawl. Late last week, the familiar call letters returned to 94.5 on the dial when the station managers made a format change to mainstream country.


Reaction to Bucks' big day leaves something to be desired

Published April 22, 2014

Reactions across Milwaukee were mixed regarding the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks, and while I truly believe Milwaukee is on the way up and that momentum is a wonderful thing, I'd hate to see the momentum halted by small minds and picky picky people.


WTMJ-AM 620's Hinkley known for kindness, having no ego

Published Dec. 27, 2013

Gordon Hinkley, 88, died on Monday in West Allis. If you listened to WTMJ-AM 620, chances were that you knew the voice of the man who was on the local airwaves since 1950. If you watch TV today, chances are you've seen him on a Church and Chapel commercial, working with the chain of funeral homes.


Milwaukee remembers JFK assassination

Published Nov. 22, 2013

Steve Jagler asks some Milwaukee notables about their memories of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago today in Dallas.


Russell enjoys other side of the roundtable

Published May 24, 2013

Doug Russell, who hosts Brewers post games and "Wisconsin Sports Weekend" on WTMJ-AM 620, filled in for Dennis Krause on Time Warner Sports Channel roundtable recently.


Milwaukee Talks: Gene Mueller

Published Jan. 27, 2012

Last time we interviewed Mueller, 54, he was approaching the end of the line on the incredibly popular Reitman and Mueller morning show on the defunct WKTI. Now, he hosts "Wisconsin's Morning News," the culmination of more than 30 years in Milwaukee radio. Enjoy this latest Milwaukee Talks with a local radio legend.


OnMedia: The year in Milwaukee radio

Published Dec. 28, 2010

Whatever happened in Milwaukee radio is prelude to 2011, the first full year under a new system of measuring radio listening.


OnMedia: Targeting Regis & Kelly

Published Dec. 2, 2010

Four Milwaukee radio voices are competing for the attention of Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa: Kidd O'Shea, Wes McKane and Dave Luczak ... John Jagler's goodbye ... The frog in Susan Boyle's throat.


OnMedia: People Meters claim a second victim

Published Nov. 23, 2010

Veteran Milwaukee radio voice John Jagler is taking himself out of the game just as a new ratings system was about to make his job less fun ... Don't look to DirecTV to save anymore ratings challenged television shows ... Seth MacFarlane's "Cleveland Show" makes fun of Wisconsin's waistline.