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LGBT Books to Prisoners gathers a night of music, poetry and community

Published Feb. 20, 2017

To support LGBTQ prisoners in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee chapter of Black and Pink will hold an event at Cactus Club on Feb. 23, with local musicians, poets and formerly incarcerated speakers gathering for a night of fundraising, book collection and community building.


The era of manufactured bigotry

Published May 4, 2013

As I said weeks ago, I fully support gay rights. To me, there is no sensible reason to deny someone happiness, regardless of sexual preference. However, that is my personal opinion. I am entitled to it, but it isn't more or less valuable than the opinion of anyone else. I accept that people may have social views that differ from my own, and I appreciate their right to have these views.


Low turnout doesn't dampen domestic partners' spirits

Published Aug. 5, 2009

Monday was the first day that same-sex Wisconsin couples could apply for a "declaration of domestic partnership," and although only about 20 couples registered, West Milwaukee's Denise Cawley and Anne Hefter were happy to spend part of their day at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

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