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Start an indoor garden with kitchen scraps

Published Sept. 30, 2018

The pantry is full of fall favorites like squash, onions and potatoes, but busy schedules may have you finding a few things growing in the back of your cupboard. With little effort and a pinch of creativity, you can grow these into a very imaginative indoor garden.


Discover the beauty of double tulips

Published Sept. 23, 2018

Celebrate the National Garden Bureau's Year of the Tulip in a big way by planting double flowered tulip varieties this fall for a showy display next spring.


Colorful vines and groundcovers for the fall garden

Published Sept. 16, 2018

Create a colorful and fragrant fall finale in your garden with groundcovers and vines. Blanket the earth with hardy groundcovers that add seasonal interest. Then direct your eye skyward with vines climbing on trellises, fences and arbors.


Pet-friendly indoor gardening

Published Sept. 9, 2018

Yes, some pets do love to dig in the soil or even eat our favorite houseplants, but with proper plant selection and planning, you can keep your pets safe while enjoying an indoor garden.

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