Frozen custard


Murf's closes Waukesha frozen custard stand

Published Aug. 4, 2020

On Tuesday, Jerry Murphy closed the Murf's Frozen Custard at 1345 S. West Ave. in Waukesha. The burger and custard location at 12505 Burleigh Rd. in Brookfield will remain open.


Milwaukee frozen custard guide

Published July 6, 2020

It may be Brew City, but custard is no small matter in Milwaukee, where everyone has his or her own favorite custard stand. This, of course, may go a long way toward explaining our waistlines. But hey, what's the point of livin' if you can't go a-lickin' custard every now and again.


New owners give Fred's Frozen Custard a boost

Published July 2, 2020

Last year, when Sam Kassel and Alex Ogden saw that their neighborhood custard stand was for sale, they took a leap and bought it. They've improved the food and the custard and used the shutdown to renovate.


Wisconsin frozen custard pioneer Tom Gilles dies at 93

Published April 16, 2020

Tom Gilles, younger brother of Milwaukee's early frozen custard pioneer Paul Gilles, has died in Fond du Lac, where he had founded and operated his own Gilles' Frozen Custard stand at 819 S. Main St., since 1949.


If it's March, then Gilles has Jameson frozen custard!

Published March 4, 2020

Every March, Gilles' Frozen Custard - the longest-running frozen custard stand in the area, dating to 1938 - at 7515 W. Bluemound Rd. brings back its popular Jameson Irish Whiskey custard in honor of St. Patrick's Day.


Milk Can & Milk Bottle Bakery to bring burgers, pastries to Downtown food hall

Published March 20, 2019

As many as 20 tenants are expected to occupy the forthcoming 3rd Street Market Hall, the food hall planned for The Avenue. Among them will be Milk Can, a burger and custard concept; and Milk Bottle Bakery, a complementary venue which will feature breads, croissants, sandwiches and a selection of deliciously fun desserts.


Fred's Custard & Grill is for sale

Published March 9, 2019

Looking to get into the frozen custard game? Now might be the time. Fred's Custard and Grill, 4726 W. Vliet St., is for sale and the asking price is $329,000.


Kitt's Frozen Custard is back!

Published March 1, 2019

After a nearly month-long, unexplained closure, Kitt's Frozen Custard, 7000 W. Capitol Dr., reopened this morning. We were there.


Milwaukee's original Bronzeville was packed with frozen custard stands

Published Feb. 7, 2019

Surely there are folks that remember the numerous Bronzeville frozen custard stands, but as the entire Walnut Street neighborhood was razed for freeway construction and the dreaded "urban renewal" - which felt like anything but to folks whose entire lives were bulldozed - even memories of those are fading fast.