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Door County done differently

Published Aug. 17, 2013

From plane rides to zip lines, ill-fated camping adventures to rookie mistakes, Publisher Andy Tarnoff had never took one of those Door County vacations that people always talk about. But for his 20th trip up there this year, he did. Not surprisingly, it was pretty great.


Scouting mission: Door County for the whole family

Published Aug. 4, 2012

In all the summers Publisher Andy Tarnoff has visited Door County, he's never made it a family trip. But, while his own daughter is getting close to that age when she will enjoy his favorite peninsula, she hasn't yet made the journey to this magical place. So this year, his task was to put together an agenda that kids will adore. Relive old memories and make new ones, and frame a vacation that would entertain an entire family.

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