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Potawatomi is giving away five Menomonee Valley sculptures

Published Nov. 7, 2019

Just east of Potawatomi lies a quirky sculpture garden at 1513 W. Canal St. in the Menomonee Valley. The garden has five sculptures that The Forest County Potawatomi Community - which now owns the site - is looking to give away to a good home.


Urban Spelunking: Another former Concordia campus renovation update

Published March 8, 2018

In 2015, we went inside the former Concordia College campus on the city's near West Side to look at its history and the ongoing work by the Forest County Potawatomi to renovate the buildings. We returned to see Albrecht Hall and to look at the work to renovate the adjacent dining hall.


Urban spelunking: A former Concordia campus renovation update

Published Jan. 7, 2016

Last spring, we went inside the former Concordia College campus in the Concordia neighborhood west of Downtown and saw some really cool buildings. The Forest County Potawatomi has since begun work on some of the buildings. Here are some photos of the ongoing work.


Urban spelunking: Former Concordia College campus

Published May 19, 2015

Standing amid the surviving buildings of the old Concordia College, it's easy to imagine what an inviting campus this was back in the day. Low-rise buildings - most of them in that collegiate gothic style that shouts "university" - surrounded the quad on all four sides, creating an intimate, protective environment. These days, most of the buildings survive and they're owned by the Forest County Potawatomi, which has plans to renovate the entire campus.