The Big Apple? Windy City? How about Milwaukee: City of Art?

Published July 5, 2016

All of the arts enable us to see things, especially in ourselves, we might otherwise miss. I have an idea, and it's something that could help brand Milwaukee better than any flag, slogan or video. Let's make Milwaukee the epicenter of the world for public art.


Does Milwaukee really need a new flag?

Published May 18, 2016

Somebody somewhere needs to sit me down in a corner and explain why the City of Milwaukee needs a new "People's flag" to replace the one we've had for over 60 years.


The five People's Flag of Milwaukee finalists revealed

Published May 14, 2016

Thoughts passed through my head like: This design is striking. Do these colors mean Milwaukee to me? What was this person thinking? How is this related to the city? I never would have picked these colors, but it's bold, so I think I like it. This one is bold but it misses the mark. I wonder if the final five can be as good as this one.


Without a doubt, Milwaukee needs a new flag

Published April 9, 2016

It took 50 years for Milwaukee's citizenry to gather enough interest to attempt to tackle the project once more, but the design, which currently flies on our flag today also helped illustrate the definition of "Design by Committee."


MPD officers go viral for saving, folding burned flag

Published Nov. 11, 2015

Between the Bucks game, theater, the GOP debate and various political demonstrations, Downtown Milwaukee was buzzing with activity last night. In the case of one demonstration, a protestor attempted to burn an American flag, but what happened after became the big story.


Does Milwaukee need a new flag?

Published Aug. 1, 2013

A new movement, MKE Flag, is flying online and seeks your input, support and even offers its new take on what our flag should look like.


Help Milwaukee fly its pride

Published Oct. 10, 2001

Have you seen Milwaukee's flag lately? Hopefully not, cause it's pretty darn ugly and outdated! The City needs a new flag to fit our new images and is looking for your creative ideas!