Ode to Bettie

Published March 12, 2009

Like many of Bettie Page's fans, it wasn't until her passing that I found out the sordid details of her existence after she stopped posing for the cameras. I refuse to remember her this way.


Guide to local "adult" shops

Published March 15, 2008

Whatever your itch, your passion, your yen, you'll find it in a local "adult" shop, so let your fetish flag fly and check out Milwaukee's most erotic emporiums. Dirk Diggler says, "On Milwaukee!"


Rumors of Avalon Theater sale abound ... again

Published Feb. 1, 2005

Rumors say the Avalon Theater, which has been a centerpiece of Bay View's renewal hopes for a number of years, is being sold to an investor who plans to lease the theater to Landmark and retail space to Schwartz Bookshops.


Bay View's Fetish offers new style of salon

Published Dec. 24, 2002

This is not your mother's salon. For one thing, there are no neck kinks after a shampoo and rinse, thanks to imported Italian sinks that tilt. Check e-mail while color seeps into your roots -- using a tabletop Internet appliance with a wireless keyboard. Bring in your own CDs to calm you. Fetish understands chic.