Fatherhood summit encourages men to participate in children's lives

Published Oct. 13, 2018

Hundreds of people braved the rain and flocked to the 13th annual Fatherhood Summit last weekend, greeted by workers from multiple organizations who were there to help fathers become more responsible for their families, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Rapid review: Daddy's Soul Food & Grille

Published Oct. 19, 2016

It's the season of comfort food, and Milwaukeeans need to look no further than Daddy's for delicious sweater-weather eats from fried chicken to mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese. Just say yes to gravy.


Daddy's brings soul food and parental support to SOHI neighborhood

Published Nov. 27, 2014

Bennie Smith's inspiration to open a restaurant came from two sources: his desires to have a home for his already-established catering business and to celebrate fatherhood. Earlier this month, Smith - along with his wife of 22 years, Angela - opened Daddy's Soul Food & Grille, 754 N. 27th St.


Louis C.K.'s message to dads

Published July 10, 2014

Even though it's a few weeks past Father's Day, I had to share this video from Louis C.K. It's good stuff and no matter how you see fatherhood, your father or the kid(s) in your life you should share this and embrace the message.


Drummer Calarco readies first solo release

Published May 11, 2014

Milwaukee musician John Calarco - also known as Johnny Cee - has won 11 WAMIs and played with local and national acts including The Willy Porter Band and The Blue Man Group. After years of being in bands and working as a studio musician, Calarco will release his first solo effort, "Shine," on June 15.


Former Olympian focuses on fatherhood, small business

Published Dec. 5, 2011

Today, Marc Pelchat is a father of two children, operating a small personal training business located in Wales, in Waukesha County. But about a decade ago, he competed as a speedskater in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.


A crib sheet for dads

Published Sept. 1, 2010

I am no expert, and I have no illusions about that. But I do have two kids and so I have some experience. Yesterday, I posted what I thought was a relatively innocuous tweet, that led Tim Cigelske to comment, "Nice!I need to crib your dad cheat sheet."


Time to buy the shotgun

Published Dec. 20, 2008

Last night, Janet needed to hit the grocery store and Target, so I stayed home and played with the kids. We hung some more stuff on the tree, made dinner together and watched a SpongeBob. After a rollicking bath, we read books and they went to bed.