Reliving Milwaukee through a child's eyes

Published Nov. 2, 2010

As OnMilwaukee.com Publisher Andy Tarnoff's toddling daughter gets old enough to start to appreciate things like dinosaurs, the Hokey Pokey and flamingos, he's starting to see Milwaukee through a whole new light -- all over again.


And you smell like one, too: birthday party memories

Published March 16, 2009

Later this week, OnMilwaukee.com will post a guide to locations for kids' birthday parties. While researching the article, the staff reminisced about favorite birthday parties from their pasts, and here are a few accounts of their stand-out memories.


Baker's Ice Cream Parlour revives Farrell's fun

Published Aug. 23, 2004

In the spirit of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours and with the help of its founding fathers, Patrick Baker will open Baker's Ice Cream Parlour & Eatery this fall in New Berlin. Kids, are you ready to party?