10 great photos from Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys

Published May 4, 2020

Whether or not it's true that Milwaukee once had the most bowling alleys per capita - and it may or may not be (looking at you, Detroit!) - bowling was not just a pastime in Brew City, it was a way of life for many. Here are some great (mostly) vintage Milwaukee-area bowling alley photographs.


Stunning Pacholski pics offer a snapshot of Milwaukee, December '61

Published Jan. 2, 2020

Finding a cache of vintage Milwaukee photos is always exciting. In them we can see how Downtown has changed across the decades, offering glimpses not only at familiar landmarks - both altered and sometimes not - but also many alterations over time. The images taken by Sylvester Pacholski Jr. are all that and more.


FoodCrush Podcast: We talk Yelp with Greg & Orry Leon of Amilinda

Published Jan. 9, 2019

Today's diners are not only share their dining experiences on social media, they're taking to the internet with both their candid accolades and complaints. We chat with restaurant owners Chef Gregory Leon and Orry Leon about the pros and cons of online reviews and how they can help or hurt local restaurants.


A familiar fragment of iconic Oriental Drugs is uncovered in West Allis basement

Published Dec. 14, 2018

Old Milwaukee Facebook group moderator Adam Levin recently posted a message to the group inquiring about the whereabouts of the signage that once adorned the exterior of the iconic Oriental Drugs, 2238 N. Farwell Ave. Soon after, Levin was standing in a West Allis basement next to the vertical blade sign that once hung on the corner of the building, announcing "DRUGS."


Wisconsin police department lip sync challenge videos, ranked

Published July 28, 2018

The #LipSyncChallenge trend has made it to Wisconsin, where several police departments have pseudo-sung their favorite tunes in the name of sweet social media clicks. But which ones are great - and which ones deserve a ticket for a noise violation?


Neighborhood Facebook feuds get nasty, fast

Published April 28, 2018

On Thursday morning at 2 a.m., Tanya Tucci posted a lengthy post to the Bay View Neighborhood Watch page about the trouble they've had trying to open their business and her concern over crime. The thread quickly spiraled from a place of concern to a raging dumpster fire of anger, accusation and name calling.


Just 23 tomatoes away from summer: A feel good story

Published April 26, 2018

Does the lingering chill of spring leave you in a pickle? Do you wish the daily weather forecast would just ketchup to your longing for a deeply satisfying warm summer breeze? This story might just make you feel better.