Featured chef: Dominic Zumpano of Umami Moto

Published Feb. 11, 2009

When restaurateur Omar Shaikh re-fashioned Eve, 718 N. Milwaukee St., into Umami Moto last July -- along with co-owners Michael Polaski and Tom Wachman -- he brought in 30-year-old Dominic Zumpano to helm the kitchen. We recently asked Zumpano about his background and a few of his favorite things.


Carnevor raises the stakes on Milwaukee Street

Published Nov. 21, 2005

Carnevore won't be your father's steakhouse when it opens in December. Say good-bye to your typical notion of what a steakhouse looks and feels like. The restaurant, for a start, will be owned by a group of businessmen with a lot already at stake on Milwaukee Street.


Flux designs garner international praise

Published June 16, 2005

Images Publishing Group of Melbourne, Australia, has included three Flux-designed Milwaukee bars in its book "100 of the World's Best Bars," published this spring. The international publication spotlights Vucciria, Eve and Terrace Bar.


Flux Designs eager to give Milwaukee a facelift

Published Aug. 11, 2004

Illustrators, print makers, sculptors, photographers, woodworkers, painters, graphic and industrial designers come together at Flux Design in Riverwest to work in the world of architecture and interior design.


Eve nightclub/restaurant loses its virginity

Published May 17, 2004

After three years of undefiled white décor, Eve is "eve-olving" into a carnal redesign. The nightclub/restaurant closed early Sunday morning and will reopen on June 4 with a deliciously domineering new look.


A girl's guide to throwing a bachelorette party

Published May 12, 2004

The bachelorette party is a tradition almost as old as the tossing of the bouquet. If the wedding reception is the time to honor the newly-married couple, then the bachelorette party is the occasion to toast the bride-to-be.


Dorothy, this isn't the Stork Club anymore

Published Oct. 17, 2002

An upscale bar on the corner of Hadley and Weil in Riverwest sounds like an oxymoron. After all, for years, the space was occupied by gritty corner taverns, but now, it's Nessun Dorma, a slick, new pub named after an opera aria, serving an array of micro beers and nice wines. What happened?


Nectar adds another unique touch to Milwaukee Street

Published Feb. 21, 2002

The eclectic make-up of North Milwaukee Street continues to grow with the appearance of giant pickles, edible orchids and homemade soups. Throw in a few slices of grainy sandwich bread, thick spreads of veggie humus and a signature dab of pesto and you've discovered Nectar.