Eugene liebert


Urban Spelunking: Anna & Gustav J.A. Trostel Mansion

Published Jan. 9, 2019

One of the benefits of Milwaukee living is the cost of real estate. While a one-bedroom apartment in New York City may run you more than $1 million, you can - at this very moment - nab a gorgeous and historic three-story upper East Side mansion a block from lake park for under $800,000.


Urban Spelunking: Another former Concordia campus renovation update

Published March 8, 2018

In 2015, we went inside the former Concordia College campus on the city's near West Side to look at its history and the ongoing work by the Forest County Potawatomi to renovate the buildings. We returned to see Albrecht Hall and to look at the work to renovate the adjacent dining hall.


Urban Spelunking: F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co., aka "The Fortress"

Published Aug. 31, 2017

"The Fortress," that complex complex of at least six connected buildings - including the one with the Medieval-looking tower - that were once home to the F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co., is soon to be transformed into apartments. We took a look inside before the changes come.


Tied houses helped Miller grow and survive Prohibition

Published April 2, 2017

Despite the fact that Miller was the smallest of Milwaukee's big four brewers early in the 20th century, it was a big-time player in tied houses. As important as that real estate was in selling beer, it also helped the brewery survive Prohibition and the Depression.


Urban spelunking: Former Concordia College campus

Published May 19, 2015

Standing amid the surviving buildings of the old Concordia College, it's easy to imagine what an inviting campus this was back in the day. Low-rise buildings - most of them in that collegiate gothic style that shouts "university" - surrounded the quad on all four sides, creating an intimate, protective environment. These days, most of the buildings survive and they're owned by the Forest County Potawatomi, which has plans to renovate the entire campus.


A mini Third Ward architectural walking tour

Published April 21, 2015

The Third Ward is not only a vibrant living museum of historic Milwaukee architecture, those buildings offer examples of work by all the greatest architects the city has produced.


A peek inside an 1890's Milwaukee high school

Published Nov. 6, 2014

When Milwaukee's West Side High School graduated its first class in 1898, it published "Hesper," its yearbook. A copy of the book is preserved at Milwaukee Public Library and it opens a window into one of Milwaukee's earliest high schools.


New role for the Germania Building

Published Oct. 6, 2014

Schnetzky and Liebert's four-domed classic revival masterpiece at 135 E. Wells St., is getting a new lease on life.


Urban spelunking: Evangelische Dreieinigkeits Kirche/King Solomon Baptist Church

Published April 24, 2014

The day that I followed the steeples from St. John's Lutheran on Vliet Street to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church on North 4th Street, I spied another steeple straight up the block and it was then that I discovered the former Evangelische Dreieinigkeits Kirche at the corner of 4th and Meinecke. What I found there was not only a beautiful church, but some forgotten Milwaukee history.


Urban spelunking: St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Published March 10, 2014

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is a bit like Milwaukee's own Mont Saint-Michel. Its imposing Gothic spires sprout from a high point in the city, soaring above everything around it. But, geographically, it also feels a bit cut off, like the French religious site at high tide, with the expressway to the west, the freeway-like McKinley Boulevard to the south. You can see it from everywhere, but it's not immediately clear how to reach it. Trust me, it's worth the minor effort of getting there.


Urban spelunking: Milwaukee architectural "siblings"

Published Nov. 11, 2013

I enjoy the process. Seeing the progress. That's why I like looking at artists' studies for paintings. It's why I like hearing unreleased demo versions of songs I enjoy. Lately, I've been been noticing buildings drawn by the same hand that share similar features.


Nature's (presumed) gain is Milwaukee architecture's loss

Published May 30, 2013

Whether or not the destruction of the cottage-style, riverside home architect Eugene Liebert designed for his brother-in-law Otto Logemann will result in improvement in flooding, Milwaukee architecture will surely suffer a blow.


Urban spelunking in an old Milwaukee schoolhouse

Published April 8, 2012

As a kid, the lower levels of the school were entirely off limits to students and thus seemed extremely mysterious to me. So, when, thanks to the building engineer, I recently got an impromptu tour of the building's spaces that are rarely seen by anyone beyond the engineer himself, it made me feel like a kid again.