$2 million We Energies grant fuels new energy exhibit at Discovery World

Published March 20, 2018

Thanks to a $2 million grant from the We Energies Foundation, Discovery World will get a new immersive energy exhibition called "Power On" that will show how a variety of forms of energy are generated and transformed and how these processes make the world go 'round.


Check out Steinhafels' new Green Machines

Published Nov. 9, 2016

Most of the time we talk about, well, it's pretty obvious: furniture! But today, we want to talk about something a little different, something that drives our business - literally - and helps us serve our customers more efficiently: green energy!


African-American households face higher energy burden, report finds

Published May 8, 2016

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service looked into a recent report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and Energy Efficiency for All found that the city has the sixth highest energy burden in the country for the average African-American household.


Is bread toast?

Published Jan. 23, 2011

Is bread bad for you? One local doctor thinks so. And, probably like you, I've talked to several people who's lives have been changed after going bread and gluten free.


Practical practices for a greener home

Published April 21, 2010

You don't have to switch over to solar power or grow all your own food to be a member of the green movement. For the most part, greening your home is more about common sense than it is about competing for the Eco-Warrior Award.


Energy efficient updates provide tax breaks

Published June 22, 2006

If you are a homeowner with an aging heating or cooling system, poor insulation, old exterior windows and doors or are in need of a new roof, this may be the year to make those repairs. In effect through 2007 are federal tax credits available to homeowners for certain energy efficient improvements.


Energy evaluations can help homeowners save money

Published Oct. 12, 2005

Home heating bills are projected to increase anywhere from 40 to 70 percent this winter, leaving many people asking, "What can I do to better prepare my home for this winter's energy costs?" A local home inspector has a hot tip for saving money during the cold Wisconsin winter.