El cimarron


Skylight unveils season of favorites and striking surprises

Published April 12, 2016

Every theater season I anxiously await the announcement from Milwaukee's distinctive theaters, but one I wait for most eagerly is the next season of the Skylight Music Theatre. There are some highlights next season.


Skylight's "El Cimarron" should be on your must-see list

Published Jan. 4, 2014

"El Cimarron" is one of those "oughta" events. People tell you about them all the time. And Viswa Subbaraman, the artistic director at Skylight Music Theatre, talked about how people ought to see "El Cimarron." In one video piece, he said the play would "change you forever." I don't know about changing me forever, but it's probably as close as the next best choice for changing me forever.


Subbaraman prepares for debut as Skylight artistic director

Published March 14, 2013

Viswa Subbaraman admits to a mild case of nerves as Skylight Music Theatre announced its 2013-14 season Thursday, the first under the new artistic director who is expected to continue the impressive record of the Skylight over the past few years.