MATC takes virtual step for annual car show

Published May 28, 2020

Hosted at, this online event runs through May 30 with daily drawings and celebrity videos posted to generate interest and attention to the school�TMs highly successful automotive technician programs.


Program fosters friendship, empathy among diverse students

Published Dec. 8, 2019

Last year, through a program called Repairing Together, Indian Community School classmates learned about the lives of Jewish, Latinx and African American students, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


How one internship program launches tech careers

Published Sept. 13, 2019

Created in 1998, i.c.stars is a four-month internship program focused on improving the community by providing those who come from a low-income background with training to prepare them for a job in technology, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Ruling the runway, making the grade

Published Aug. 11, 2019

The choice was easy: Take a traditional final exam or walk the runway. And students in the cosmetology program at MATC were more than glad to earn their grades, one strut at a time, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Taking on the "digital divide" one computer at a time

Published Feb. 24, 2019

When he and his MSOE classmates built a computer lab in a rural Kenyan village school in 2010, Jeff Hanson learned firsthand about the inequalities that exist in access to technology. After returning, he began to understand that similar disparities exist in Milwaukee as well, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Light & Unite Red educates young people about substance abuse

Published Feb. 4, 2019

The Light & Unite Red annual campaign focuses on educating people on the dangers of substance abuse while also connecting them with treatment and preventive options. This year, it recruited youths to advocate against substance abuse among their peers, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


Lloyd Street School teacher uses "mirror messages" to combat bullying

Published Jan. 26, 2019

Shortly after a spat of bullying graffiti hit the school, inspirational messages began appearing on the bathroom mirror in response, courtesy of Tiffany Miller, a special education teacher at Lloyd Street School, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.


New mural illustrates positive choices for teens

Published Sept. 22, 2018

The New Beginnings are Possible after-school and summer care program in Thurston Woods brought arts and crafts time to a whole new level this summer, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports.