Drunk driving


Redbar installs Wisconsin's first IntoxBox breathalyzer

Published Nov. 13, 2013

Yesterday, Carrie Wisniewski, co-owner of Redbar, had Wisconsin's first IntoxBox installed at her St. Francis bar. The IntoxBox is a freestanding, digital breathalyzer about the size of a jukebox that reads a person's blood-alcohol content (BAC) and helps determine if he or she is safe behind the wheel.


Over the limit, under control, on purpose: Controlled testing for OWI

Published Feb. 29, 2012

The bucket list of OnMilwaukee.com publisher Andy Tarnoff doesn't include getting drunk in a room full of cops or drinking 11 ounces of vodka and nine shots before 2 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. But he just can't pass up a unique opportunity for experiential journalism, even if it ended with a .132 percent blood alcohol content. Here's his first-person account of the Milwaukee Police Department's OWI "wet workshop."


One Milwaukeean's lessons learned from DUI conviction

Published Feb. 18, 2011

Jonathan thought he was being somewhat responsible by taking the side streets home from the bar in Downtown Milwaukee. He knew he was drunk that Saturday night -- not blindingly so -- and had driven home to Wauwatosa in worse condition before. He didn't even feel like he was swerving, but when he dropped his wallet inside his car and bent down to pick it up, he hit an empty parked car.


Facing the facts about drunk driving

Published Sept. 4, 2010

Who hasn't said "I'm fine" while getting behind the wheel of their car during an innocent night out on the town. Chances are, you're not as fine as you think.


Inside the sausage factory ...

Published Dec. 21, 2009

State lawmakers passed legislation that does little to curb drunk driving and decided to wait on the MPS takeover.


Victims' family reacts to sentencing of intoxicated driver

Published Aug. 11, 2009

Yesterday, former doctor Mark Benson was sentenced to 30 years in prison for driving under the influence and killing 39-year-old Jennifer Bukosky, her 10-year-old daughter and her unborn daughter. Now, Bukosky's parents are focusing on changing Wisconsin's OWI laws. OnMilwaukee.com spoke to Bukosky's father, Paul Jenkins, just hours after the sentencing.


Sheriffs say "Check, please" to fight drunk driving

Published June 5, 2009

Lawmakers are considering stiffening penalties for drunk driving in the state and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department has an idea -- just one -- to help. Sobriety checkpoints are the solution, Sheriff's Department representatives said this week at a hearing in front of the state Senate's Judiciary, Corrections, Insurance, Campaign Finance Reform and Housing Committee. "We cannot arrest our way out of this problem," said one sheriff's rep.


Sobriety checkpoints meet controversy at every turn

Published Feb. 10, 2009

Sobriety checkpoints are a controversial issue in Wisconsin, a state in which casual, responsible alcohol consumption and its dangerous cousin -- binge drinking -- are part of the culture. Currently, Wisconsin is one of 12 states that does not allow police to set up roadblocks to investigate the possibility that operators are too impaired to drive. Many lawmakers would like to keep it that way.


Are you an alcoholic?

Published Feb. 18, 2008

What if you imbibe every night, but only have one or two glasses of wine? Or what if you drink excessive amounts but can hold down a job? A local counselor explains what it means to be an alcoholic.


MADD angered by state fatality rate

Published Dec. 14, 2007

Mothers Against Drunk Driving now reports that we tend to run into each other and kill each other more often than in other states after drinking and driving.


It's national Driving Drowsy Prevention Week

Published Nov. 5, 2007

We always hear about the consequences of drunk driving, but according to the National Sleep Foundation, the dangers of driving while drowsy are just as great.