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In defense of Bill Clinton's now controversial crime bill

Published April 20, 2016

Bill Clinton's 1994 crime bill, one that's caused much recent fervor on the campaign trail, was not perfect. However, it also wasn't a racist evil, either. A lot of it made sense, and it was a compromise bill responding to a very real problem.


More than the myths: Nogales sits brightly on the U.S./Mexico border

Published Feb. 10, 2016

In the last 35 years, I've walked into the Arizona/Mexico border town of Nogales too often to count. Like many Mexican communities, Nogales makes little effort to conceal its considerable poverty. And while that may be a visitor's only impression, it's not mine.


10 Milwaukee Film Festival must-sees

Published Sept. 6, 2013

It's now an annual tradition that in early September, I wonder about how the Milwaukee Film Festival could possibly outdo their line-up from the previous year ... and then they proceed to do exactly that. If you need a little guidance - and with 240 films, it's easy to be a little intimidated - here are the ten selections I'm most excited about (my editor wouldn't let me do 50).

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