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Derzon to play "Addy" in American Girl Show

Published March 18, 2005

This weekend, Glendale's Robyn Derzon will play "Addy" in The American Girl Fashion Show at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Like Addy, Derzon was also granted freedom, but in the form of a supportive family.


Spooky Graveyard Records is all in bloody good fun

Published Sept. 14, 2004

Graveyard Records and Collectables, at first glance, is a scary place. Even though the Cudahy shop does sell music, it's obvious when you step into the store that the word "graveyard" is the dominant theme in the title.

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Porcelain Dolls

Mom used to collect porcelain dolls. It was after my parents divorced that she began buying this type of doll. The other explanation was that once no kids were around she didn't think "I can't have nice things." The fragile faces painted with creepy smiles. Piercing eyes that se...

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