Urban spelunking: Koeffler House / Dubbel Dutch revisit

Published July 27, 2020

When the new owners showed me around the Koeffler/Baumgarten double house, 817-9 N. Marshall St., last autumn and told me the 1898 home would be ready to open as a hotel in advance of this summer�TMs Democratic National Convention, I was a little skeptical. But they've done it, COVID and all.


Here's what this summer's DNC could mean for you

Published March 7, 2020

The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee and Democratic National Convention Committee on last Tuesday hosted conversations about what Milwaukee residents can expect when the DNC comes to town this summer. Here's what Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service learned.


Should you stay in Milwaukee to experience the 2020 DNC?

Published Sept. 23, 2019

You may have noticed that when we crossed the one-year-out mark for the 2020 Democratic National Convention here in Milwaukee, the number of stories of hotels, business vendor opportunities and more began to ratchet up as well. We all hope that our favorite businesses get lots of exposure that week in July, but what about the rest of us? 


Joe Solmonese on aiming to make the most inclusive DNC of all time and more

Published Aug. 24, 2019

At this point, you probably heard that the DNC is coming to Milwaukee. What you may not know is the backstory of Joe Solmonese, the man leading the charge to bring this event to life, and how this opportunity could change the outside perspective and the overall growth of our city.


Looking back at a decade in Milwaukee

Published March 26, 2019

It's been an amazing 10 years. Look me up when you visit and I, plus a few hundred thousand other friendly Milwaukeeans, will enthusiastically make sure you enjoy what we don't take for granted.


The Road to Milwaukee

Published Sept. 26, 2018

"The Road to Milwaukee." My, that phrase has an undeniably nice ring to it.


America, you want a president, not an "outsider"

Published July 26, 2016

Everyone always says that what they want in an elected official - mayor, senator, student council treasurer, POTUS - is an "outsider." However, if the 2016 election is good for nothing else, it has shown us the fallacy inherent in such a belief.