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Moose on the loose this weekend in Milwaukee

Published May 23, 2013

This Memorial Day weekend, Milwaukee's full of events and "moose" as nearly 8,000 members of Moose International are headed to the area for their 125th annual International Convention


Running out of names for the convention center

Published May 2, 2013

Many Milwaukee residents who have probably attended numerous events or conventions at the center over the years would be hard-pressed to recall what name was on the side of the building at the time.


Mrozak overcomes bullying with music

Published Dec. 22, 2012

Like a lot of kids her age, Richfield singer Hannah Mrozak was a victim of bullying in middle school. Now that she has a few years between her and the painful experience, she wants to help other young people going through hard times. Her latest single, entitled "It's In Me," speaks to the power of bullying and the strength of a victim to overcome it.

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