Dehne's upper 90


Urban spelunking: Schlitz tied houses, like Dehne's Upper 90 Sports Pub

Published March 2, 2017

Tied-houses - taverns built and owned by breweries - helped make Milwaukee a city of corner bars. More than a century after the tied-house boom in Brew City, these structures have become an iconic architectural feature of the city, too. Here we look at some Schlitz taverns.


Dehne's Upper 90: New sports bar with a chef

Published Dec. 5, 2011

Back in the '70s, it was a dusty and sleepy wino bar. You could find more excitement in a convent on a Saturday night. Since then, the historic space has had a string of names and operators. Give a warm welcome to Dehne's Upper 90, the spanking new tenant in an 122-year-old saloon built by the Schlitz Brewing Co. to sell its products back in the days when Milwaukee's breweries operated their own taverns.