Dean strang


In defense of the hapless Brendan Dassey lawyer, Len Kachinsky

Published Jan. 4, 2016

In contrast to the "dream team" of Dean Strang and Jerry Buting (who are gaining quite a devoted, almost fawning following among "Making a Murderer" addicts), Brendan Dassey's first defense attorney, Len Kachinsky, comes across like one of the slimiest villains of the show. But is he?


Strang delves into legal side of 1917 Milwaukee bomb

Published April 3, 2013

The November 1917 bomb blast that killed nine policemen and a civilian woman at Milwaukee's Central Police Station must be the city's worst-kept secret. But even now that three books have been published on the subject, the story still seems a little hidden here at home. The latest, "Worse Than The Devil: Anarchists, Clarence Darrow and Justice in a Time of Terror," is out now.