Dan duchaine


Do deluxe CD reissues provide enough bang for your buck?

Published Dec. 1, 2014

CD sales have plummeted this year -- as have digital downloads -- in the face of streaming music. But labels are still churning out deluxe CD reissues. Are you opening your wallet to pay for the extras?


Italian prog rockers appear tomorrow night in Milwaukee

Published May 15, 2013

If one were to imagine a location for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a legendary Italian progressive rock band in an extremely intimate setting, I doubt that Superior Street in Bay View would make the list. But Friday night brings the Italian Progressive Rock band Il Castello di Atlante to that very venue.


Vinyl resurgence breathes life into record shop business

Published May 13, 2013

We asked Ken Chrisien at Acme and Dan DuChaine at Rushmor - both in Bay View - and Luke Lavin at Bull's Eye, on the East Side, about how the recession affected the business, about Record Store Day and more. Their answers might surprise you.


Turn it up for Burning Sons

Published Aug. 3, 2010

While it may seem out of character for me to heartily endorse a hardcore, punk/metal band, let me explain. I've seen Milwaukee's Burning Sons play live; my friend, Dan DuChaine plays drums; and this genre of music mostly takes me back to the days when I dabbled as a casual fan of bands like Black Flag.


Speed Freaks swap silence for song

Published Jan. 21, 2009

Speed Freaks, originally formed in the mid-1980's, is back together and playing a two night extravaganza at Club Garibaldi in honor of their new release, "Survivor."


"Dog Day Afternoon" barks canine fun

Published Oct. 9, 2008

Created by Bill Rouleau and Dan Duchaine of Bay View's Rush-Mor Records, "Dog Day Afternoon" brings together dogs and dog owners from all over the city for a day of canine fun and resident relaxation.


Record Store Day reminds us to support local businesses

Published April 18, 2008

Saturday is Record Store Day in the U.S. and in Milwaukee, local shops like Atomic Records, RushMor, Bull's Eye and Exclusive Company celebrate the joys of recorded music stamped into vinyl or encoded onto CDs.