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Urban spelunking: Former Allis-Chalmers / Summit Place

Published May 28, 2019

These days, there are about 2,500 people working each weekday at Summit Place office complex in West Allis. If today the site is something like a small city in itself, imagine what it was like when the entire place was home to Allis-Chalmers manufacturing.


Kegel's & Public Table collaborate on new West Allis beer garden

Published April 30, 2019

The north half of South 59th Street between National and Greenfield Avenues in West Allis will be closed from May 24 until Nov. 15 to create Kegel's Beer Garden, in collaboration with the nearby Public Table restaurant, says Kegel's co-owner Julian Kegel.


Comedian Malkoff gets the key to the city

Published Oct. 21, 2009

We first met Mark Malkoff when he was living in an AirTran jet for the month of June. Thursday, the comedian / filmmaker returned to town as part of his current project, "Keys to the City." Malkoff is traveling the country and performing community service tasks for mayors in exchange for keys. We caught up with him before stints in Milwaukee and West Allis.

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