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Meet the 65th Alice In Dairyland

Published June 15, 2012

In May, Rochelle Ripp from Lodi was crowned the 65th Alice In Dairyland. Although she wears a crown and a sash, don't confuse her with a Miss-America-type beauty queen.


Wisconsin limburger: More than meets the nose

Published June 14, 2012

It's no secret that limburger cheese stinks. Its legendary odor has been compared to body odor, stinky feet and a variety of dead or dying creatures. Sadly, many people won't even give it a taste due to its distinctively pungent aroma. But, before you dismiss this Wisconsin classic, read on.


Breakfast on the farm

Published June 11, 2012

Yes, I grew up in Wisconsin. But no, for some reason, I had never heard of the concept of "breakfast on the farm." Until this weekend, that is, when my family and I took the short drive to West Bend on Saturday to a not-so-intimate affair at the Homestead Acres. In my mind's eye, I expected a few dozen people to gather for pancake and eggs in a field. In reality, we were one of hundreds (and maybe more) assembled for a breakfast operation of enormous scale.


Milk men make fond memories, modern day deliveries

Published June 11, 2012

For most people, memories of a milk man delivering fresh milk to their door or milk chute are fuzzy to non-existent. Other Milwaukeeans remember the milk man clearly or still have milk delivered to their home via a small, family-run dairy plant called LW Dairy.

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