Dairy month


Meet the 65th Alice In Dairyland

Published June 15, 2012

In May, Rochelle Ripp from Lodi was crowned the 65th Alice In Dairyland. Although she wears a crown and a sash, don't confuse her with a Miss-America-type beauty queen.


Wisconsin limburger: More than meets the nose

Published June 14, 2012

It's no secret that limburger cheese stinks. Its legendary odor has been compared to body odor, stinky feet and a variety of dead or dying creatures. Sadly, many people won't even give it a taste due to its distinctively pungent aroma. But, before you dismiss this Wisconsin classic, read on.


Breakfast on the farm

Published June 11, 2012

Yes, I grew up in Wisconsin. But no, for some reason, I had never heard of the concept of "breakfast on the farm." Until this weekend, that is, when my family and I took the short drive to West Bend on Saturday to a not-so-intimate affair at the Homestead Acres. In my mind's eye, I expected a few dozen people to gather for pancake and eggs in a field. In reality, we were one of hundreds (and maybe more) assembled for a breakfast operation of enormous scale.


Milk men make fond memories, modern day deliveries

Published June 11, 2012

For most people, memories of a milk man delivering fresh milk to their door or milk chute are fuzzy to non-existent. Other Milwaukeeans remember the milk man clearly or still have milk delivered to their home via a small, family-run dairy plant called LW Dairy.


Five questions with award-winning cheese maker Katie Hedrich

Published June 4, 2012

Last year I was a featured guest chef at an amazing dinner pairing chefs with the next generation of Wisconsin cheese makers and I had the pleasure of meeting LaClare Farms' award-winning cheese maker Katie Hedrich. I recently caught up with Katie to ask her about all things in the world of cheese.


A cheesy lunch

Published June 4, 2012

I had aspirations of eating a salad for lunch, but then I remembered it's the first weekday of OnMilwaukee.com's Dairy Month. This called for something dramatic. I didn't really need that much of an excuse, actually, to check out Melthouse Bistro.


Did you know June is Dairy Month in Wisconsin?

Published May 25, 2008

Wisconsin has long been known as America's Dairyland. Every time you drink a glass of milk, or eat a piece of cheese, you're celebrating that fact. But, if you really want to explore why the state earns the brand, get out to the rural areas during June.