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Third Ward bar guide

Published Feb. 7, 2015

The Historic Third Ward is a cultural gem here in Milwaukee. The shopping is to die for, the dining is great and it's one of the most historic districts in the city. Also, it's a great place to get liquored up.


Goldilocks and the Three Bars: A classy kickoff

Published July 23, 2011

What if, instead of being a cute little fairy tale girl with no respect for property, what if Goldilocks had some sense and happened to be just a little bit of a lush? Well, that'd be me. I've decided to explore every bar, pub, lounge and dive Milwaukee has to offer - in sets of three, just to be cute.


Check into The Hamilton for a drink

Published Dec. 23, 2010

The Hamilton, 823 E. Hamilton St., will open for a private event on New Year's Eve and then to the public soon after. Owner Kimberly Floyd says her new establishment will offer the neighborhood a classy but casual lounge that's reminiscent of a hotel lobby.


A toast to luxury

Published Feb. 17, 2010

It's bar month and blogger Nirvana Cobb is excited about Champagne and sparkling wine.

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