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Brewers' Thames & Gamel hit the Valley to brew some IPA

Published May 21, 2019

For the third straight year, Miller Brewing has invited Milwaukee Brewers players and broadcasters into the Valley brewery's Flying Hippo innovation room at MillerCoors' Technical College to create their own beers that will be available later in the season for fans to not only taste, but to then vote on.


Boys of summer are on the way

Published March 9, 2015

My friends, it is time to talk about baseball. Last week, Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Brewers announced a 150-game television schedule for the 2015 season.


Shift Switch: Producer of a Brewers TV broadcast

Published Aug. 2, 2011

The next time you're watching a Brewers game on TV and you find yourself cursing the broadcast because you didn't see the replay you wanted, just stop. Because, chances are, you have no idea what goes into the production of every Brewers game broadcast on Fox Sports Wisconsin. Publisher Andy Tarnoff spent a day shadowing Chris Withers and he quickly realized the job is very, very hard work.


Milwaukee Talks: FSN reporter Craig Coshun

Published Aug. 5, 2008

Craig Coshun keeps himself busy. Between covering both the Brewers and the Bucks, Coshun commutes back and forth from Verona, sometimes only seeing his two sons for an hour a day -- when he's not traveling with the teams on the road.