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Espinosa shares secrets of great crab cakes

Published Oct. 30, 2014

Last week, planning to write a feature about crab cakes, I sought out Zach Espinosa, chef at Harbor House. We ended up having an in-depth discussion of what makes a great crab cake, the sourcing of crab meat and much more, including a discussion of trends in seafood. So, like a great chef does with an unexpected delivery of a new ingredient, I called an audible and am sharing the entire conversation with you here.


Crab cakes: The new mozzarella sticks?

Published Nov. 8, 2006

Until recently, it was a little hard to find a restaurant that had crab cakes on the menu. But sometime in the last two years crab cakes started springing up on menus like a kit of bunny rabbits, and not in the types of restaurants you would expect, either.

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